Hannukah Celebrations 2020 with the Friends of Keshet Eilon

Two concerts in the spirit of “At this time and in seasons past,” dedicated to Keshet Elion friends in New York and Israel and music-lovers everywhere, were held over Hannukah 2020.

To the first concert (16/12/20), which celebrated the seventh candle’s lighting, we invited the outstanding musician and composer Alma Deutscher, who, as a young violinist, has participated in the past in Keshet Eilon seminars. Alma lit the candles and played her piano variations on the traditional song Ma’oz Tsur.

To watch the concert kindly press here.

At the second concert (17/12/21) when the eighth candle was lit, we were joined by Keshet Eilon friends and supporters, ex-South Africans Myra and Smoky Simon, Morris Kahn and Jonathan Beare.

To watch the concert kindly press here.

In keeping with the motif of Hannukah, “Seasons past” were represented at the concerts by the world-renowned artists Sergei Khachatryan and Maxim Vengerov, who have participated in Keshet Eilon’s summer courses in the past. In contrast, young violinists Leia Zhu, Hina and Fiona Khuong-Huu, and cellist Nahar Eliaz represented “this time,” namely, young artists of the present. The Keshet Eilon Ensemble brought the concerts to a festive close by performing a medley of four traditional Hannukah songs, arranged and performed by pianist Rustam Rahmedov (Turkmenistan.)

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