Virtual 2020 Summer Mastercourse

The sounds of Keshet Eilon were heard around the globe this year as well!

Happily, we overcame the difficulties of the Pandemic, and the 93 young participants of Keshet Eilon were offered a unique experience. We are grateful to our devoted supporters, the Keshet Eilon extraordinary faculty and the professional technical team who constructed a magnificent digital course.


…It is my great pleasure to be part of the Keshet Elion Mastercourse. We share the same goal and strive to offer opportunities for students to develop their skills and performance. I am truly glad for the opportunity to contribute to the program.”   Qian Zhou, Faculty  (Singapore)

“I have been fascinated watching all the different masterclasses. I have learned so much from all the lessons as well and I hope I will be able to meet you all in person next year!”   Edward Walton, Student  (Australia)

…It was such a pleasure and an honor for me. I will never forget this! Thanks to my favorite, one and only Keshet Eilon Mastercourses.”   Jan Bogdan, Student  (Slovakia)

The Mastercourse in numbers

17 Teachers
93 Students
From 26 Countries
299 Individual Lessons
17 Masterclasses
3 Concerts
2 Lectures

The Mastercourse views

1,894 Zoom viewers
9,726 YouTube views
268,129 Facebook views

279,749 Total views

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