Welcome winter seminar

Welcome to the Keshet Eilon winter seminar!

Warm greetings from the musical director Professor Itzchak Rashkovsky:

In only 24 hours it all begins: 73 students and 22 teachers will arrive on the campus at Keshet Eilon for the 2019 winter seminar, the final one for this year. In this festive atmosphere, I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome all the seminar participants, the teachers and the audience, who come together for three days of music in the clear air of the Western Galilee.

For many of the participants – both teachers and students – this is their first seminar at Keshet Eilon and to them I extend an especially warm welcome, as soon-to-be members of the ever-growing family of Keshet Eilon graduates.  I am confident that the seminar will enrich not only first-time participants but also those who have taken part in previous seminars. We are delighted that you have joined us, and hope that you will find your experience here both enjoyable and beneficial.

The seminar program is especially attractive: on Thursday at 20.30 we will host an event to pay tribute to the composer, conductor and Israel Prize laureate Noam Sheriff. In the course of the evening Danny Or Stav will interview the composer Ella Milch-Sheriff, who will recount the life and work of Noam Sheriff. In addition, a part of one of his compositions will be performed and a film about his life shown.

On the following day, Friday at 16.00 the renowned violinist Chaim Taub will conduct a master class, and in the evening at 21.00 a concert entitled “From Austria to Germany” will be performed by the Ben Haim Trio. The program will include works by Shubert, Haydn and Kirchner.

On Shabbat at 16.00 we will assemble together for the final concert, which will bring our activities to a close.

In addition, of course, to all these events, students will be engaged in individual lessons and in performance in chamber groups and ensembles, all taking place in the magical atmosphere of the Keshet Eilon winter seminar.

I am greatly looking forward to your arrival, and I am certain that such a large gathering of musicians, youngsters and adults, teachers and students, artists and audience, will together create a rewarding and exhilarating experience for all.

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