Winter Seminar 2020 for Israeli string players

This year, the traditional Keshet Eilon winter seminar for Israeli string players was organized in virtual format due to the corona restrictions. Violin, viola, and cello players from all over the country participated in the seminar under the guidance of leading string instructors from Israel and abroad: Itzhak Rashkovsky, Ani Schnarch, Chaim Taub, Guy Figer, Lena Mazor, Roi Shiloah, Svetlana Simanovsky, Tali Kravitz and Michal Korman.

The seminar included individual lessons, open lessons in the masterclass format, intended for individual players and the participant group as a whole, and ensemble performances by all the seminar participants. This time, the ensemble performed a medley of traditional Hannukah songs, arranged and performed by Rustam Rahmedov (Turkmenistan), a Keshet Eilon faculty member. The ensemble performed the medley at the seminar’s final concert, which also included solo performances by several of the participants.

In keeping with the Keshet Eilon tradition at seminars for Israeli students, we dedicated a special event to Israel Prize winner Zvi Avni, who honored us with his presence, together with Dani Orstav of the Voice of Music, Israel. We enjoyed listening to selections from Avni’s compositions and watched a fascinating film. Itzhak Rashkovsky moderated the whole event.

To watch the Tribute to Zvi Avni kindly press here.

To watch the Keshet Eilon Ensemble – Hannukah Medley kindly press here.

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