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Funding the Center’s Activities

Most of the activities at Keshet Eilon Music Center today are funded by donations from foundations, businesses, government ministries and private donors. The non-profit organization’s directorate scrupulously maintains a balanced budget that admits of no exceptions. However, although this income covers routine running costs, it cannot meet the needs of development in the short term – and even less so in the long term.

The Center copes with the paucity of resources by engaging in independent fundraising: it organizes benefit concerts in halls and private homes both in Israel and abroad, from which all profits go directly to its further development. Many of Keshet Eilon’s friends and supporters have already opened their homes for this purpose, and concerts have been held in New York, London, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Washington, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, as well as in major cities in Israel and a number of venues in Galilee. The goal is to create a ubiquitous Friends of Keshet Eilon infrastructure that will operate constantly hand in hand with Keshet Eilon in the voluntary spirit that characterizes all its activities. Inspired by the example of staff members such as Vadim Gluzman, Ani Schnarch, Hagai Shaham and Angela Yoffe, all Keshet Eilon violin course graduates appear at these concerts free of charge.

Ways to help

Dear friends, we shall be very glad of any help you can offer for the ongoing operation of the following:

The International Summer Course

$25,000 Sponsorship of the Gala Concert
$20,000 Sponsorship of a chamber music project
$20,000 Sponsorship of a Summer Course project
$15,000 Sponsorship of concerts in the acoustic shell
$3,900 per scholarship Scholarships to fund the participation of needy violinists in the Summer Course

Seminars for Israeli violinists

$45,000 Sponsorship of a Keshet Eilon Israeli violinists’ seminar
$600 per scholarship Sponsorship of scholarships to fund needy participants in the short seminars.

The “Sounds of Keshet Eilon”  Concert Series

$3,500 Sponsorship of concert/s in the series

A donation to the second stage of the Music Center campus, including infrastructure (


We shall be very grateful to each and every one of you willing to take part in this enterprise by donating bricks. This will make you a partner in the construction of the Keshet Eilon Music Center campus, which serves as an international venue for cultural and musical activities, for the further enhancement of the State of Israel.

$3,000 1 Brick
$6,000 Silver Brick (2 bricks)
$9,000 Gold Brick (3 bricks)

A donation in honor of a relative, close friend or business partner on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, etc., gives pleasure to the recipient while at the same time benefiting Keshet Eilon.

Send your donation, together with the name and details of the person you wish to honor, to Keshet Eilon Music Center, and we shall send the beneficiary a handsome certificate of appreciation on behalf of Keshet Eilon, with no mention of the sum involved.

The donor will receive a charitable contribution receipt.

A departed family member or friend can be honored by a donation in his or her memory to the Keshet Eilon Music Center. Such a gesture commemorates the departed while enriching the lives of others. Send your donation, together with the name and details of the person you wish to honor to Keshet Eilon Music Center, a certificate of appreciation is sent to the person indicated by the donor, without mention of the sum donated.

The donor receives a charitable contribution receipt.

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